World Environment Day 2021

In commemoration of World Environment Day on 5th June 2021, MVIWATA through the established MVIWATA Club of students at Kigurunyembe Secondary School in Morogoro municipality held a reflection forum to discuss the progress of the activities of the club that includes agro ecological farming practices and environmental conservation.

When visiting the Kigurunyembe Secondary school, it is easily observable to find that many of the previously bare lands have vegetables fields that benefit more than 500 students with nutritious foods, while trees planted, conserves the environment.

The MVIWATA Club provides a forum for learning and practicing sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation, thus students gain the best skills for sustainable farming while they are still at school.

This approach has begun to be widely used in farmers ‘networks of MVIWATA in various areas as one of activities conducted by the networks. This is because students spend most of their time at school during the year many view the notion of engaging students in agricultural production as punishment in schools. Therefore, MVIWATA is committed to change the notion in place.

MVIWATA members through their groups and networks in Mara and Mtwara regions also commemorated the day by planting trees in bare lands and conducting cleanliness and support to centers with people with disability.  

Engaging youth including students through these clubs to change the mindset on agriculture and increase productivity in schools through agro ecological farming practices as well as environmental conservation, is among the strategies of MVIWATA in ensuring sustainable farming systems and climate change mitigation initiatives are inclusive and widely scaled up.


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