Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of MVIWATA which is made up of small-holder farmers elected every after 3 years is responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the annual plan and budget as passed by the supreme decision-making body at MVIWATA, i.e. the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Currently the Board of Directors is made up of 10 members whose term commenced on 2023.

  1. Mr. Apolo Chamwela, The Chairperson of the Board coming from Manyara region.

  2. Ms. Nelly Mgingu, A Vice Chairperson of the Board coming from Morogoro region.

  3. Mr. Namri Jecha, Treasurer of the Board coming from Zanzibar

  4. Mr. Joshua Silasi, Board member coming from Mwanza region.

  5. Mr. Francis Joseph, Board member coming from Tabora region.

  6. Ms. Ritha Ngonyani, Board member coming from Ruvuma region.

  7. Mr. Kulwa Dotto, Board member coming from Shinyanga region.

  8. Ms. Tatu Edward Shelembi, Board member coming from Katavi region.

9. Mr. Mendrad Nziku, Board member coming from Njombe region.

10. Ms. Veronica Sophu, Board member coming from Mbeya region.

The Executive Director of MVIWATA sits in the Board as a Secretary.

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