Strategic Goals: Five main areas are chosen and given priority on the strategic plan and termed as strategic goals of an organization for 2017 – 2021. These goals are:

1. Enhanced land security to smallholder farmers.

2. Small scale farmers are in control of sustainable production system.

3. Inclusive financial access & security for smallholder farmers enhanced.

4. Smallholder farmers’ access and control in agricultural markets enhanced.

5. Institutional capacity of MVIWATA strengthened.

Mission of MVIWATA: To unite smallholder farmers in groups and networks in order to protect their interests through capacity development, facilitating communication and advocacy on policies and systems.

Vision of MVIWATA: To ensure empowered smallholder farmers work together to advocate, defend and advance their interests by influencing policies and systems.

Core Values: MVIWATA strongly believes that the smallholder farmers are the heart of rural development and that the true rural development shall be centred on smallholder farmers. MVIWATA  shall ensure that all of its work focuses on the rights and welfare of smallholder farmers who shall be part and parcel of all processes and interventions of MVIWATA.

Generarly, MVIWATA shall adhere to the following values

     1. Transparency: MVIWATA shall strive to openness, provide accurate and up to date information and adhere to high standards of communication.

     2. Integrity: MVIWATA shall stand to a set of agreed standards of behavior as defined in various institutional  instruments and protect them all times at any cost.

     3. Accountability: For MVIWATA , Accountability is the cornerstone of each individual’s actions and performance. We strive on taking responsibilities and being responsive for each and every members and stakeholders.

     4. Respect: We shall demonstrate every aspect of respect for each other, i.e members, leaders, staff and the partners.

     5. Discipline: We shall be conscious of the necessary prioritization and discipline it takes to attain efficiency and good quality of work and emanating.

     6. Equity and Gender Consciousness: We recognize and respect the gender diversity aspects in our organization and we shall remain committed to protecting all the social justice and equity elements.

     7. Sustainable Agriculture: MVIWATA believes in sustainable agriculture. i.e agriculture that respect ecology and nature, economically and socially, and the one that recognises and values local customs and cultures.

     8. Inclusive Growth: MVIWATA believes that the true developments shall be based on equality and inclusive growth and consequently, the national policies and their implementation need to ensure equal access to resources and benefits to the rural population.

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