Training on Land Rights and Legal Aid Provision to Smallholder Farmers in Mkuranga District.

Smallholder farmers and members of MVIWATA at Mkuranga District on May 2021 were capacitated on land rights and legal aid service. About 50 participants’ representatives of farmers’ groups and networks from Kizapala, Tungi, Vianzi, Kibungachana, Nkelezange and Lupondo villages in Mkamba Ward, were directly reached by this intervention.

The training aimed at empowering smallholder farmers to realize the concept of land is life, land tenure, land dispute resolution techniques and the rights of women and youth to access and own land.

Land rights and laws training for smallholder farmers is part of MVIWATA’s strategy to ensure that farmers are aware of existing land policies and laws, including advocating for changes in policies and laws that hamper and undermine land tenure as a key pillar for production to smallholder farmers.

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