A training to 20 smallholder farmers from Morogoro, Dodoma and Manyara is organised and effected by MVIWATA for six days. The training focuses on creating awareness and capacity building to smallholder farmers’ promoters in formation and management of microfinance services by smallholder farmers in their respective areas.

Trainings to promoters of formation and management of microfinance services of smallholder farmers is part of strategies of MVIWATA to capacitate smallholder farmers with skills and knowledge in forming and managing their microfinance services like Village Community Banks (VICOBA) and Servings and Credit Co-Operative Society (SACCOS).

Speaking during the opening remarks, Mr. Stephen Ruvuga a MVIWATA Executive Director said, having microfinance services formed and managed by smallholder farmers themselves is a reliable alternative against exploitative financial systems of commercial banks to smallholder farmers and the working class at large.

He further urged smallholder farmers to be honest and protect at all cost their micro-financial services because failure to that, they will always be dragged to adhere to exploitative systems of commercial banks.

Mr Ruvuga reminded participants on the same initiatives years back by the organisation that failed to yield the desired results because smallholder farmers could not defend their micro-finance services against deceitful and corrupt leaders. He stressed that trainings to promoters of formation and management of micro-finance services of smallholder farmers are on-going and will eventually cover all the regions and districts.

This one week training was preceded by a training on preventive measures against the COVID-19 disease to participants by a medical doctor. The preventive measures against COVID-19 disease was in place during the training as part of adopting to the “new normal”.

Speaking during the training Mr Remy Urio, a MVIWATA officer responsible for market and financial services told the participants that a six days training on formation and management of micro-finance services of smallholder farmers will cover a number of topics necessary for effective realisation of the goals desired.

Mr. Urio emphasized on honesty, trustworthy and commitment to participants of the training who are intended to be promoters of formation and management of smallholder farmers’ led micro-finance services (SACCOS and VICOBA) a newly approach aimed to form trainer of trainers of formation and management of micro-finance services.

Participants on their side were thankful of MVIWATA’s initiatives to train promoters of formation and management of VICOBA and SACCOS because such micro finance services are trusted and reliable sources of capital in financing sustainable production of smallholder farmers in rural areas. 


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