Smallholder Farmers and Members of MVIWATA Participates at Saba Saba Exhibition 2020, in Njombe.

Smallholder farmers and members of MVIWATA in Njombe region have participated effectively at Saba Saba Exhibition 2020 prepared by MVIWATA at Yakobi ward in Njombe region. Hundreds of smallholder farmers participated and showcased their farms produce including fruits, cereals and livestock.  

Smallholder farmers also showcased their traditional knowledge and practices that they have kept for years. These are systems and practices of smallholder farmers that ranges from seeds, fertilizers, pesticides to post-harvest storage of crops and farms produce that keeps them off the trap of corporate systems that aims to impoverish smallholder farmers in all forms.

Participation in Exhibition events by smallholder farmers and members of MVIWATA is crucial in showcasing their produce, knowledge and systems that they depend on for their livelihoods.


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