Strengthening MVIWATA Networks and Producer Groups on Agribusiness and Enterpreneurship Skills

Basically, this project aims to support three MVIWATA middle level networks of Morogoro, Shinyanga and Kilimanjaro in the framework of partnership with Agriterra to foster their capacities to address production and marketing challenges of MVIWATA members in those three regions.

Most of the production and marketing activities to the farmers groups will be coordinated at middle level network and MVIWATA national office through this project will support implementation of the project through building capacity of middle level networks themselves. This will include project management, financial management and backstopping on field interventions. The project will be implemented for three years.
The project goal is to contribute to improved livelihood of smallholder producer farmers and poverty reduction through entrepreneurship and business skill development, establishment of sustainable income generation enterprises and marketing of agricultural produce
Specific objectives;
  • Strengthen leadership skills at MVIWATA middle level networks of Morogoro, Shinyanga and Kilimanjaro.
  • Support project management (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as the financial management) skills for middle level network
  • Support entrepreneurship development to the middle level networks
The project will essentially uplift the skills and systems at Morogoro, Shinyanga and Kilimanjaro middle level networks with the view of replicating the experience in other regions within MVIWATA network.

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