New MVIWATA Leaders Urges Smallholder Farmers In The Country To Uphold Unity And Solidarity.

The 25th Annual General Assembly of MVIWATA held on 17th December, 2020, inaugurated by the Guest of Honor Speaker of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Job Ndugai, along with other agendas delegates also had the opportunity to Elect New Members of MVIWATA Board of Directors in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of MVIWATA.

The MVIWATA Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) Members has been elected by the Members of the 25th Annual General Assembly of MVIWATA after the Members of the previous Board headed by our Chairman Mr. Abdul Gea whose term came to the end. The elections have resulted in the attainment of our new MVIWATA Chairman who is Mr. Apolo Chamwela, from Manyara.

MVIWATA Executive Director Mr. Stephen Ruvuga has congratulated the newly elected Board of Directors led by Chairman Mr. Apolo Chamwela for being trusted by members in leading the MVIWATA, a farmers’ organisation which has built Faith, Hope and became a great and unique space for smallholder farmers in the country.

Mr. Stephen added that smallholder farmers are facing a number of challenges, thus building their national and international unity and solidarity through MVIWATA in close collaboration with government authorities, stakeholders and friends of MVIWATA in defending their interests is very important.

The Chairman of MVIWATA Mr. Apolo Chamwela on behalf of the Members of the Board of Directors expressed his special gratitude to the Members of the Annual General Assembly for trusting them and giving them the opportunity to lead the organisation. He thanked the on-going leadership of MVIWATA headed by Mr. Abdul Gea along with other retirees for leading the MVIWATA institution with the utmost honesty and integrity to achieve the current success which the Guest of Honor Speaker of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon, Job Ndugai has commended very much in his Opening Speech of the 25th Annual General Assembly.

Mr Apolo urged members of MVIWATA to continue upholding MVIWATA’s motto of THE DEFENDER OF THE FARMER IS THE FARMER as well as to strengthen the Unity and Solidarity among them including denouncing statements, actions and deceptions that undermine the interests of smallholder farmers in the country and undermine the development and prosperity of MVIWATA.

Inaugurating the 25th Annual General Assembly of MVIWATA Chairman Mr. Apolo commended the Executive Director of MVIWATA Mr. Stephen Ruvuga and his team of staffs for their honesty, creativity and diligence in their responsibilities which makes MVIWATA the only refuge and national body of smallholder farmers fully defending their interests.


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