Nane Nane 2020; A Moment of Knowledge and Ideas Sharing, Showcasing Crops and Produces and Search for Markets.

Nane Nane Day which refers to the Agricultural Exhibition, is a one-week fair that takes place every year from 1st – 8th August in varying locations of Tanzania. Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, gathers farmers and other agricultural stakeholders to showcase farmers’ indigenous technologies, crops, livestock, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions concerning the agricultural sector. Nane Nane is a fair where farmers, government and private firms present their services and activities to the public.

To celebrate this important day, Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) participated effectively at all levels including zonal, regional, district, ward and village. MVIWATA members’ booths were present at John Mwakangale Stadium in Mbeya, Julius Nyerere grounds Morogoro and at Nyakabindi grounds Simiyu where national exhibitions were held.

The slogan for Nane Nane farmers’ exhibitions 2020, literally translates as “For the Development of Agriculture, Fishery and Livestock, Elect Good Leaders 2020”.

While finding market for their produces, smallholder farmers and members of MVIWATA had an opportunity to showcase their esteemed indigenous knowledge on crop production, livestock keeping, fishing, products, as well as traditional dances.

MVIWATA booths attracted hundreds of participants in areas where exhibitions were organized including Chanzuru ward Kilosa district, Nchombe Kilombero district, Mkoka Kongwa disrtrict, Liwale district, Mpandangindo, Songea rural district, Esuguta Kiteto district, Mbarali district and Nyandira ward Mvomero district, Liputu Ndanda Mtwara region, Mwanza region and Shinyanga region. For a second consecutive year , while MVIWATA participates at zonal Nane Nane exhibitions, it also primarily organize intensively Nane Nane agricultural exhibitions at grassroots level (wards and villages) to enhance wider participation of smallholder producers.

Various government officials visited MVIWATA stalls to learn the initiatives, crops and experiences of smallholder farmers while also learning the challenges they face in production systems used. The Deputy Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Hon, Abdallah Ulega accompanied by Temeke District Commissioner Hon, Godwin Gondwe were among many seen to have visited MVIWATA stalls.

Organizing and participating at Nane Nane agricultural exhibitions by members of MVIWATA every year at all levels is part of the strategies of MVIWATA to ensure smallholder farmers have access to markets while also showcasing their produces, exchanging knowledge and opportunities and strengthening communications among themselves for their interests.



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