MVIWATA FM Radio Station 106.7 MHz, Morogoro, Officially Goes On Air.

MVIWATA FM Radio Station has officially kicked off broadcasting live from 106.7, MHz Morogoro, Tanzania. Owned by Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA), MVIWATA FM is a 24 Hours Radio Station that broadcasts primarily in Swahili and caters to the issues of smallholder producers, news and entertainment aspirations of a rural and urban Tanzania audience.

Located at MVIWATA Headquarters, Bigwa Area, Along Dar-es-salaam road, Off Junction to Matombo, Morogoro Municipal, MVIWATA FM radio station slogan goes by “VOICE OF THE VOICELESS”.  

Speaking during inception session of MVIWATA FM radio programs, MVIWATA Executive Director, Mr Stephen Ruvuga said the radio is unique in terms of in-depth analysis of news, stories and entertainments which will also include news of proletariats, books, youth, women, disabled and children programs.

He also made it clear that because MVIWATA FM radio station belongs to the working class (farmers, pastoralists and fisher folks), MVIWATA FM will also have ample time to air out programs on matters related their issues. This includes discussions and provision of information on prices and markets for crops.

Other programs to be featured by MVIWATA FM radio station includes solidarity messages and news of the working class worldwide, weather forecast analysis with an eye on farmers, pastoralists, fisher folks, and small scale mining communities.  Likewise, programs of production with the focus in discussing systems of productions including means and strategies of the working class’s struggles.

Mr Ruvuga expressed gratitude to the audience for their feedback during MVIWATA FM’s trial period and therefore he urged them to continue tuning in 106.7 MHz for hot, in-depth news and entertainments. He further added that improvements are on-going including the aim to reach out all regions of Tanzania.   

In conclusion, Mr Ruvuga thanked The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) for their tireless efforts in giving advice and guidelines for airing out news and programs. He also acknowledged the presenters of MVIWATA FM, and all those who tirelessly, day and night fought so hard to make sure that MVIWATA FM radio station finally gets on air.


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