MVIWATA Conducts Training to 34 Leaders of Microfinance Services (SACCOS).

Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania – MVIWATA effected a three 3 days training to 34 participants representatives from seventeen (17) Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society (SACCOS) under MVIWATA in Morogoro region, two (2) participants from each SACCOS. These were Hembeti, Mvomero, Langali, Kikeo, Mlali, Lukwangule and Nyandira SACCOS from Mvomero District, Kinole, Juhudi, Matombo, Tawa and Ngerengere SACCOS from Morogoro rural District and lastly Rudewa, Dumila, Ilonga, Mkombozi and Malolo SACCOS from Kilosa District.

The training was effected at MVIWATA Headquarters with a facilitation of MVIWATA Staffs and Co-operative Officers from the three Districts. The overall objective of the training was to build capacity of SACCOS leaders on how to effectively manage registering their SACCOS to the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) online system, procedures for license acquisition and the required documents for registration.

The first two days of training were used for conducting training to SACCOS leaders on how to effectively manage registering their SACCOS to the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) system, procedure for license acquisition and the required documents for registration. Also the in-depth understanding on the credit policy, disaster policy, accounting and finance policy, management policy and strategic plan of the SACCOS as the basic requirements for SACCOS registration.

The third day of the training was used for a feedback meeting of the evaluation conducted by MVIWATA on the challenges facing microfinance services. The training also conducted a discussion on how to revive Morogoro rural and Mvomero Financial Services Co-operative (MOMFISECO) through an in-depth discussion on its history, reasons for its demise and put in place strategies to revive MOMFISECO. The training is expected to successfully facilitate online registration of SACCOS’s of Morogoro into BOT system and also put in place strategies to revive MOMFISECO.

Speaking during the closure of the three days training, MVIWATA Executive Director Mr. Stephen Ruvuga said for years MVIWATA has been putting in place strategies to ensure that smallholder farmers initiate, and operate microfinance services that serves their needs accordingly. He further reminded the participants on how these microfinance services including co-operatives played a crucial role during the struggle for independence and education provision to community members belonging to these co-operatives citing examples of Karagwe District Co-operative Union (KDCU) of Kagera region and Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union (KNCU) of Kilimanjaro region.

He further added that by realizing such important contributions of Co-operatives and farmers managed microfinance services, MVIWATA is facilitating a research study regarding co-operatives that will reveal the current situation of the Co-operatives in Tanzania and provide recommendations for further actions. He urged the participants to value the resources used for their training and provide candid feedbacks to fellow members in respective SACCOS. He added that efforts are in place to ensure all SACCOS’s working with MVIWATA country-wide are provided with the same training.

He then welcomed Head of Finance and Administration Mr. Ezekiel Emmanuel and Head of Program Ms. Theodora Pius who both insisted on trustworthy as a precious tool in managing SACCOS services and that SACCOS can transform the rural communities positively if used correctly with a close cooperation from government authorities.

A representative of the trainees gave his remarks on behalf of the participants of which he thanked MVIWATA for facilitating the training. He said without efforts by MVIWATA it could have been impossible for SACCOS’s to have a know-how in registering their SACCOS’s to the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) online system. He then added that as SACCOS leaders they will do whatever possible to revive MOMFISECO which was a reliable solution for smallholder farmers in need of financial services in Morogoro.“MTETEZI WA MKULIMA NI MKULIMA MWENYEWE”


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