Morogoro District Commissioner, Hon, Regina Chonjo pays a courtesy visit to MVIWATA Headquarters to see activities waged by the organization.

In implementing its mission of uniting smallholder farmers in groups and networks in order to protect their interests through capacity development, facilitating communication and advocacy on policies and systems, Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) organized a five (5) days training to thirty (30) smallholder farmers from Kilimanjaro region.

Such regular on-going trainings are organized to impart awareness on the philosophy, mission, vision, membership of MVIWATA and the importance of solidarity and unity of the working class under the umbrella of MVIWATA. While the training was on-going Hon, Regina Chonjo, Morogoro District Commissioner paid a courtesy visit to MVIWATA Headquarters office to see activities waged by the organization.

“I believe MVIWATA is the great savior of smallholder farmers who make about 80% of farmers in Tanzania”, words of appreciation from Hon, Regina Chonjo, Morogoro District Commissioner to smallholder farmers from Kilimanjaro when speaking to them during their training.

She further added that “We need to look where we come from, where we are & where we are heading likewise if you want to arrive to a destination bring others with you”. Smallholder farmers from Kilimanjaro as part of their training also had a field visit in Kilosa District, at Mvumi and Chanzulu wards where they visited MVIWATA members and exchanged with them on their challenges, successes and as members of MVIWATA how their organization has been a crucial grassroots organ in advocating their concerns.   

Hon. Chonjo witnessed other two trainings happening at MVIWATA Headquarters to forty (40) smallholder farmers from Mwanza, Mbeya, Singida, Tanga and Tabora on matters related to land policies & laws and on micro-finance services (SACCOS & VICOBA) of smallholder farmers.



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