A historic visit of the International Association for Popular Cooperation (IAPC) and GONDWANA to MVIWATA

In March, MVIWATA received and hosted a delegation from IAPC and GONDWANA. IAPC is an international non-profit association that facilitates cooperation, exchange and solidarity among peoples. IAPC promotes education and training, technological development, technical support, research and other methodologies to improve the capacity oof urban and rural systems and facilitate the access of human communities to financial resources for locally managed projects aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting food sovereignty and enhancing socio-environmental equality.

The meeting to MVIWATA was a continuation of the efforts of joining the masses from the Global south for a common goal. MVIWATA and IAPC have been working together on common actions in Agriculture and especially on bio-inputs.

The 5 day visit program, which started in Morogoro at MVIWATA Headquarters ended with a visit to a coffee producing network in Hai District, Kilimanjaro region, TACRI offices as well as the government offices in Hai.

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