Legal Aid Provision and Trainings On Land Policies And Laws To Smallholder Farmers of Kiteto, Manyara Region.

Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) effected an eight (8) days training to 80 members of village council and ward tribunal and 100 smallholder farmers and members of MVIWATA in seven villages of Kiteto district namely Magungu, Nhati, Emarti, Orkine, Logoeti and Ngusero sudani in Manyara region. Prior to the commencement of the training, the delegation from MVIWATA paid a courtesy visit to Kiteto District Commissioner Hon, Tumain Magessa for greetings and consultations.

The rationale of the training was to provide legal education to smallholder farmers on Land Acquisition, Women Land Rights, Land Disposition and Dispute Settlement Systems with the aim of creating awareness and knowledge on land rights, obligation and how to access justice system.

Of recent years, land disputes have been increasing dramatically day after day. This has been atributed by several factors such as lack of proper education, awareness, and access to legal opinion that could give smallholder farmers direction on how to get justice in the system. In recognition of this problem MVIWATA has been organising varoius training to smallholder farmers so that they know their land rights and claim them effectively.

During the eight days of training facilitated by MVIWATA legal officers at MVIWATA Hall, Magungu village, Kiteto District the training specifically focused to provide education and awareness to smallholder farmers and members of village council and ward tribunal on land policies and laws, provision of legal opinion to the community on land related challenges, provision of education on gender equality on land issues, provision of knowledge on legal aid hub initiative of MVIWATA and lastly provision of legal aid to smallholder farmers.

Various methodologies were employed in effecting this training such as legal education through presentations, discussions and presentations by smallholder farmers, group works, and presentation of land issues by smallholder farmers from their villages, presentation of MVIWATA legal aid hub service and lastly provision of legal opinion through private consultations.

Trainings on land laws and policies and legal aid services to smallholder farmers are part of the strategies of MVIWATA that ensures smallholder farmers have knowledge and awareness on issues related to land security.  With this awareness smallholder producers will be able to defend and claim their land rights effectively for their livelihoods and the community at large.


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