Leadership Training for Grassroots Network Leaders in Singida Region.

MVIWATA facilitated a leadership training to leaders of grassroots networks in Ikungi, Manyoni, Itigi, Mkalama, Iramba and Singida DC in Singida Region. The training aimed to capacitate leaders of grassroots groups and networks with mobilization skills, networking and essence of collective actions for the poor working class in fully defending their interests.

The training capacitated about 120 farmers’ leaders of grassroots networks. Farmers’ challenges such as markets of crops, production and financing were discussed and strategized pinpointing to the essence and philosophy behind the establishment of MVIWATA.

The working class collective actions method that requires the actors be the rural farmers, rather than the technical expert was well articulated along with the MVIWATA slogan “The Defender of the Farmer is the Farmer” (Mtetezi wa Mkulima ni Mkulima Mwenyewe). Mobilization and networking among the rural smallholder farmers took the central part of the training as they say in the countryside, “the farmer believes in what the other farmer does, more than what the technician says.”

Similarly, issues of MVIWATA membership and organizational matters was discussed. In addition to the training, participants also were able to identify major challenges hindering their goals. Short-term and long-term strategies of implementation in achieving MVIWATA’s mission and vision was made.


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