Land Laws and Policy Training To More Than 300 Smallholder Farmers and Village Leaders in Kilosa, Morogoro.

Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania – MVIWATA is conducting a training to more than 300 smallholder farmers, members of MVIWATA and village leaders in six (6) villages namely Mvumi, Msowero, Mambegwa, Ilonga, Kimamba na Madoto located in Kilosa District, Morogoro.

The training is conducted for 7 days by MVIWATA legal officers and will end with a public dialogue at Chanzuru ward, Ilonga village. Smallholder farmers in respective areas will also receive a legal aid service from MVIWATA legal officers.  

Smallholder producers in Kilosa District are enduring severe challenges on access to secure land to carry on production activities. The challenges ranges from conflict between pastoralists and farmers, conflict between investors and farmers, unclear guidelines on possession of land with revoked title deeds for smallholder farmers.

These challenges and the related ones facing smallholder producers has necessitated MVIWATA to conduct a series of training on land policies and laws to smallholder farmers in different Districts and Regions.

Trainings and legal aid services on land laws and policies to smallholder farmers are part of the strategies of MVIWATA that ensures smallholder farmers have knowledge and skills on land access and security.

With this awareness smallholder producers are able to defend and claim their land rights effectively for their livelihoods and the community at large.  


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