Income Generation and Strengthening Food Sovereignty Systems through Peasant Agro-Ecology Practices

In strengthening food sovereignty initiatives and poverty alleviation while achieving MVIWATA’s Mission, Vision and strategic goals, the organization has for years since its establishment initiated programs on sustainable production, capacity building forums, and opportunities for skills and knowledge sharing among family farmers through exchange visits.

To achieve these goals, in 2019, MVIWATA enabled 20 Cattle namely Heifers (Ayrshire and Friesian) to 95 households in Lubaga ward, Shinyanga region. The program aims to boost household income and improve nutrition to the family farmers. Since the inception of the program, more than 60 million shillings have been earned from the sale of milk from more than 100 family famers, with 15 calves distributed to family farmers in the farmer’ groups and networks. These Cattles and calves are generally owned by MVIWATA members through their groups and networks.

The income generated by the program to family farmers has enabled families to afford school expenses for students, improve housing for family farmers as well as family farmers being able to afford medical expenses and other related social services. The program has also enhanced increase access to nutritious food in households where only 75% of milk is sold and the remaining 25% is retained at the family to meet food needs.

The sustainable dairy cattle program for family farmers and members of MVIWATA in Shinyanga rural district, aims to reach more farmers through the cattle ownership cycle established and managed by family farmers’ groups and networks of MVIWATA. The system provides an opportunity for the cattle owner to distribute two newborn calves to a farmer’s group she/he belongs-to so that his/her fellow members can also own the cattle by nurturing and raising the calves they have acquired. The system also allows the first owner of the cattle to own the third newborn calves and onward. Alongside the above objectives of the program, it also aims to strengthen farmers’ groups and networks of MVIWATA.


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