Field Visits for Familiarization and Learning the Impacts of Collective Actions by Family Farmers’ Groups and Networks.

The delegation from MVIWATA Headquarters together with the delegation from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FA0) – Tanzania, under Farm and Forest Facility (FFF) paid a visit to members of MVIWATA at Mapogoro and Mavala villages, Ludewa District, Njombe region in the Southern Highlands part of Tanzania.

The visit aimed to learn and familiarize on the interventions done by family farmers’ groups and network members of MVIWATA in the respective areas on aspects of forest farming, collective actions on marketing, fair trade and financial services managed by farmers (Village Community Banks). The delegations were able to learn in both villages, where more than 50 acres of trees have been planted on bare lands as part of the environmental conservation and forest farming initiatives.

Similarly, these family farmers’ groups and networks are practicing collective market efforts and value addition initiatives on forest products with the aim of catering for better prices and market for their produces.  The groups and networks also uses their financial services namely village community banks to finance their interventions.

Networking among farmers’ groups and network members of MVIWATA in aspects of collective actions, farmers’ managed financial services and environmental conservation are among the key goals of MVIWATA.

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