Farmer Managed Microfinance Services, a Strategy to Effectively Guarantee Capital to Smallholder Farmers.

MVIWATA has conducted a three (3) days training on the establishment and management of microfinance services (VICOBA and SACCOS) for farmers and members of MVIWATA residing in Mkoka, Hongoro and Songambele wards in Kongwa District, Dodoma.

About 250 participants’ representatives of farmers’ groups and networks including VICOBA attended the training of VICOBA and SACCOS. The training covered different topics including management and sustainable operation of smallholder farmers’ microfinance services, establishment of products and services provided by smallholder farmers’ financial services.

Training on the establishment and management of farmers’ microfinance services is part of MVIWATA’s strategies to ensure that smallholder farmers have strong and reliable financial services that guarantee capital to their sustainable production activities as compared to commercial banks’ systems that significantly hamper prosperity of smallholder farmers.

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