MVIWATA Middel Level Networks across the country conducted their General Meetings at regional and district levels. The General meetings held as per MVIWATA’s constitution had different agendas mainly focusing on the annual reflections of members on developments of MVIWATA, report of implemented activities, incomes and expenditures, opportunities, reports of membership status of the particular region/district, approval of work plans by members and thorough discussion of challenges facing MVIWATA members and smallholder farmers in respective areas.

As MVIWATA’s mission is to unite smallholder farmers in groups and networks in order to protect their interests through capacity development, facilitating communication and advocacy on policies and systems the general meetings held were attended by government authorities as invited guests alongside the delegation from MVIWATA Headquarters in order to listen, see and contribute/respond to the questions raised by members in particular regions and districts.

During the MVIWATA’s general meetings in middle level networks elections were also conducted in regions and districts where leaders had constitutionally reached out of their time. Members also discussed greatly on the necessity of smallholder farmers across the country to unite under MVIWATA in order to raise their voice as one group of the same class and interests.

The government authority’s officers who were invited as guests in these meetings applauded members of MVIWATA for being exemplary group of unity is power.

A District Agriculture, Irrigation and Cooperative Officer (DAICO) in Bukoba Municipal said he always finds easy to deliver agricultural related services to members of MVIWATA because they are well grouped and networked in all levels.

Also a District Administrative Secretary (DAS) in Liwale District who was invited at the meeting thanked smallholder farmers for been willing to unite in groups and networks and also for their contribution in the economy of Liwale District. He pointed out that ninety percent (90%) of the incomes in Liwale District comes from agriculture that means from smallholder farmers.

DAS insisted that farmers are always welcomed and that MVIWATA District leaders are welcomed to present their needs for finding solutions on behalf of their members.

After the successful completion of MVIWATA general meetings in middle level networks, A MVIWATA Annual General Meeting is planned on 17th December 2019.


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