Increasing governance, transparency and accountability in agricultural sector

Project goal is to ensure that there is increasing governance, transparency and accountability in agricultural sector and that planning, budgeting and implementation of policies, strategies and plans in agriculture reflects the needs and priorities of small holder farmers. Specifically the projects objectively wish to realise.

a) That needs and priorities of Small holder farmers are addressed in policies, planning, budgeting and implementation;

b) Capacity of small holder farmers to actively involved in holding their leaders accountable is improved through Public Expenditure Tracking Systeme (PETS), and Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM).

c) Improved performance of MVIWATA Human Resources.

d) Improved institutional systems, governance and advocacy capacity at local, middle and national levels.

Through this project MVIWATA will monitor the operationalization and implementation of the ASDP II to ensure that it reflect the wish and needs of small holder farmers at different levels.

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