On Wednesday 6th March 2024, we were honored to be visited by the delegation of the Turkish Agency for Development and Cooperation (Tika), headed by the Country Director, Mrs. Filliz. The delegation and MVIWATA management held discussions on how to foster cooperation between the Turkish people and the peasants of Tanzania, through technology, knowledge and skills programmes.

The delegation visited MVIWATA headquarters and the agroecology shop at the agricultural show grounds in Morogoro.

The meeting also discussed briefly on the plight of the Palestinian people where at least 30,000 Palestianians, including unarmed women, old men and children have been masacred in the ongoing genocide carried out by Israel army and mutually agreed that what happens in Palestine is morally, legally and by any human standards unacceptable.

In December 2023, MVIWATA in a continuation of world righteous efforts in denouncing the genocide, released a statement during its 30th anniversary. You can read the statement below

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