From 6th to 7th December 2021 MVIWATA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is a constitutional requirement. AGM is a supreme decision making body within MVIWATA and yearly MVIWATA holds its Annual General meeting preceded by the National workshop where selected topics are discussed.

In 2021, Annual workshop discussed on Climate Justice, Peasant Feminism and Cooperatives as alternatives to the ongoing global multiple crisis. A total of 458 (223 women, 225 men) smallholder farmers members of MVIWATA from all regions of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar attended the dialogue together with representatives of District Councils, representatives of organizations and institutions namely La Via Campesina (LVC SEAf), African Centre for Biodiversity, Bizilur, Eastern and Southern Africa Farmers Forum (ESAFF), Rosa Luxembourg, LVIA, ADDA Tanzania, EAMCEF, Tanzania Biodiversity Organization (TABIO), Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA), HakiArdhi, Tanzania Socialist Forum (TASOFO), Umoja wa Wanawake Wavujajasho wa Manzese (UWAWAMA), Warehouse Receipts Regulatory Board (WRRB), Tanzania Agriculture Research Institute (TARI), Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA); MVIWATA staffs; representatives from the parliamentary permanent committee on agriculture and representatives from the Media from which also farmer owned seeds were showcased and exchanged by farmers.

MVIWATA received solidarity messages from Bizilur (from the Basque country), Pan Africanism Today (PAT) and the Network of Agroecological Schools Ezeqiel Zamora of Venezuela and all physically represented organizations to the AGM.

From the Annual General Meeting, MVIWATA also passed its 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan with six main priority areas namely; Peasants Rights, Land Rights, Agroecology, Economic Justice, Gender Justice and Institutional Development.

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