As part of MVIWATA’s 5th strategic goal of strengthening institutional capacity, smallholder farmers organized in groups are conducting grassroots meeting regularly. Pictured are leaders from 12 farmers’ groups members of MVIWATA in Ilonga Village, Kilosa District, Morogoro who gathered to discuss issues surrounding their groups and network.

The meeting was organized by MVIWATA Ilonga grassroot network leaders. Among the invitees who attended the meeting were Councilor Mr Batholomeo, Village leaders, including Village officers.

Members held a fruitful discussion, reflections and resolutions were reached focusing on their needs that includes resolving land conflicts and need for trainings on matters related to leadership and group formation.

On 8th February 2020 leaders from smallholder farmers’ groups members of MVIWATA in Ndole village, Mvomero District, Morogoro held a meeting with the same objective. MVIWATA leaders of Morogoro regional network with staffs from MVIWATA also attended the meetings.

Across Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar smallhoder food producers’ members of MVIWATA usually hold their regular meetings to discuss matters affecting their daily life and have a common voice and solidarity in addressing such challenges in a close collaboration with government authorities at all levels.


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