Started out of the need of amplifying its advocacy role and informing the wider community on events from different parts of the world, MVIWATA FM on 28th August 2022, started to air a weekly session titled “WIKI HII” a Swahili name translated as “THIS WEEK”, a session that brings to listeners news on events, actions from different parts of the world primarily contributed by Pan Africanism Today.

MVIWATA FM, which commemorated its 2 years in August 2022, started out of the need of amplifying MVIWATA’s advocacy role and echoing the voices of those that the mainstream communication channels sideline and thus the birth of its slogan “Voice of the Voiceless”.

Serving as a means of advancing communication, MVIWATA FM has been started from scratch by MVIWATA, a self-owned-initiative that is owned and operated by MVIWATA and used as a communication tool for its various interventions which are farmer-specific, a fact which was cumbersome and expensive before its establishment which also resulted in content modification and hence limited voices of the farmers.

MVIWATA FM which is currently available in 17 districts in Morogoro (Morogoro Rural, Kilosa, Mvomero, Morogoro Municipal, Gairo, Kilombero); Pwani (Bagamoyo, Rufiji, Chalinze, Kisarawe); Lindi(Kilwa), Dar-es-Salaam (Ubungo);  Tanga(Handeni, Korogwe, Kilindi); Dodoma(Mpwapwa, Kongwa) airs educational and informative sessions structured through discussion, knowledge and experience sharing and analysis.

The spread of MVIWATA throughout Tanzania provides a smooth methodology of collecting farmer-specific information from which the programs are produced from the groups and network through training processes, meetings, exchange visit missions and other initiatives. Smallholder farmers from respective areas are used as local correspondents of the different programs. Apart from the broader sessions on farmer specific issues, MVIWATA FM also covers programs on the working class, specific programs on women and youth.

MVIWATA also uses the radio channel to air special campaigns on Local and International Days of Actions including  International Women’s Day, Day of Peasant Struggles, World Food Sovereignty Day, World Youth Day, African Liberation Day, Campaign to end the impunity of transnational corporations, 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, International Solidarity campaigns etc.

MVIWATA FM has also participated in the important regional campaign on the United Nations Decade of Family Farming, and you can find one of the prepared and aired session from this link (CAMPAIGN PRODUCTS: TANZANIA – Yenkasa Africa)

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