At the rich and fertile land of Njombe, Tanzania, about 1500 peasants have gathered from different corners of the land of Mwalimu Nyerere, to commemorate the 30 youthful years of their organization.

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After the opening ceremony, which was graced by the presence of the Speaker of the United Republic of Tanzania and the premier [Regional Commissioner] of Njombe, MVIWATA convened three separate conventions/ assemblies – youths, women and men.

As the youth assembly convened both male and female youths below 35 years; the women and men assembly gathered the elderly men and women in their separate forums. And the respective forums, even though hosted separately, ran concurrently.

This year’s conventions was however highlighted by the first ever men assembly, whereas unlike their counterparts – youths and women – who had convened and had their own assemblies in the previous years.

The respective assemblies offered an optimum opportunity and platform to all the groups and members of the organization, to air out their concerns and altogether address the specific issues that resonate to their respective groups.

Post the separate discussions, each group had the chance to present and share their findings, issues and resolutions and thereafter there was an open discussion, engaging and involving each group.

The presentations and discussions were entirely enlightening and altogether therapeutic, as the members had an incredible opportunity to actually be frank and honest with each other.

Together with condemning on the vices and trends and also commending on the good deeds and traits, both groups expressed that they ought preach and act with love and respect to each other.

Most importantly, the members agreed that there would not be any progress and development amongst and within them, if and when they remain to be in contestation and in dispute between and amongst each other. Indeed, what confronts them as a class is big and requires everyone’s effort.

Unequivocally and unanimously, the members of MVIWATA stated that, “SOLIDARITY BEGINS WITH US – THE PEASANT YOUTH, WOMEN AND MEN!”

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