Improving production and marketing of high value horticultural produces for smallholder farmers in Uluguru mountains and Ruaha river basin through increased know-how and market-support services (MALIMBICHI)

Malimbichi is a three years project that is funded mainly by European Union through a European Development Fund managed by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania. The project is part of initiative of the EU and the Government of Tanzania to develop horticulture sector in Tanzania. The partners in this project are MVIWATA and Gret.

Specifically, the project aims at enhancing horticulture small scale farmers’ income in Uluguru mountains and Ruaha river basin through;

– Increased productivity and quality of produce,

– Improved and diversified services at local level,

– Better access to markets (national, regional and international markets) and strengthened value chain linkages in horticultural produce.

The project will be implemented in Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro region and Ruaha basin in the border of Morogoro, Dodoma and Iringa regions.

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