Facilitating Establishment of Farmers’ Managed Financial Institutions in Ludewa and Njombe Districts.

Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) organized a training on establishment and management of farmers’ managed financial institution alongside access to markets and entrepreneurship to smallholder farmers in Njombe and Ludewa districts. 538 farmers (347 women 191men) attended the trainings from 81 groups. The main facilitators of the training were experienced farmers from Kilosa Morogoro and Kiteto Manyara namely Ms. Odilia Jovin and Ms. Zena Yusuph Muhimbu. The trainings were conducted at local networks level in 7 wards.

The trainings were participatory where participants asked questions, shared experience, and demonstrated the existing operational methods. Existing gaps were identified, and the participants found joint solutions to the existing gaps. Key areas covered during the training include sustainable operation of the groups and management of Village Community Banks (VICOBA), entrepreneurship skills, good governance and distribution of profit among group members.

Training on the establishment and management of farmers’ microfinance services is part of MVIWATA’s strategies to ensure that smallholder farmers have strong and reliable financial services that guarantee capital to their sustainable production activities as compared to commercial banks’ systems that significantly hamper prosperity of smallholder farmers.

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